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TINSTAAFL : there's no such thing as a free lunch (只より高いものはない)

  • "Training for the New Alpinism" Chapter 2 The Methodology of Endurance Training "TINSTAAFL: There Is No Such Thing As A Free Lunch"

To me, all of this indicates that an entry fee—in this case, a certain amount of training volume—is required to perform at every level and the higher the level, the higher the fee. Expectations must match investment, and rules govern the game.

私にとって、これらすべては、入場料 - この場合は一定量の訓練量 - があらゆるレベルで演技するのに必要であり、レベルが高いほど料金が高いことを示しています。 期待は投資と一致しなければならず、そしてルールがゲームを支配します。


genetics is no excuse.

  • "Training for the New Alpinism" Chapter 3 The Physiology of Endurance Training "The Role of the Genetic Gift"

Endurance was critical to human survival, and those who had it lived to pass it on to their progeny. Because of its role in survival, evolution has been perfecting our endurance trait for many millennia. The genetic variation in the population as a whole is smaller than the genetic variation for some other characteristics such as explosive power or mathematics

持久力は人間の生存、そしてそれを持っていた人々が彼らの子孫にそれを受け継ぐために生きてきたために重要でした。 生存におけるその役割のために、進化は何千年もの間私たちの持久力特性を完成させてきました。 全体としての集団の遺伝的変異は、爆発力や数学などの他の特性の遺伝的変異よりも小さいです。

Unless you are one of the extremely lucky (or unlucky) outliers, your genetics are not all that different from the genetics of most of the better athletes in the world.


The history of endurance sports, as well as the more general study of people who excel at anything, has shown convincingly that motivation and perseverance far outweigh genetics until one is vying for the top spots among the world’s best. The ultimate message here is that, for 90 percent of the population, genetics is no excuse.

持久力スポーツの歴史、そして何よりも優れた人々のより一般的な研究は、動機と忍耐力が遺伝学よりはるかに優れていることを説得力を持って示しています。 ここでの最終的なメッセージは、人口の90パーセントにとって、遺伝学は言い訳にならないということです。

Nature via Nurture

  • "Training for the New Alpinism" Chapter 3 The Physiology of Endurance Training "The Role of the Genetic Gift"

However, as with any genetic predisposition, the line that separates nature from nurture is fuzzy at best.


When the human body is put under exceptional strain, a range of dormant genes in the DNA are expressed and extraordinary physiological processes are activated.






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