copy and destroy

catch and eat

That is just what was good this weekend.

english translate :

2020/05/11 Mon

The maximum temperature was over 30 ℃. The sleeves of my shirt are scorched.

A Mississippi turtle on the balcony (more than 20 cm!) Started eating.

The last song in the fourth collection of Schubert's chamber music ripped from the CD was a loud beep. Playback error. Noise!!!
It is troublesome to rip it again. Maybe I will hear a beep every time.

2020/05/12 Tue

The yellow sand is soaring and the sky is hazy. I used to say "cloudy" in my diary, but it was "clear" when I saw the weather forecast.

I'm not good at web conferencing.If the atmosphere of the meeting is not good, you will feel sick.

It is difficult to understand the difference in perception between each other through the screen. I feel that the gap is widening in web conferences.

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